I'm feeling a little confused right now about certain things which I'm hoping somebody here can help me with.
First of all, I won my tribunal 3 weeks ago and was put on the WRAG but no word seems to have gotten to the ESA about it. I've phoned up twice and had my letter faxed and mailed to the people it needs to go to. I'm wondering if there is anything else I need to do to help speed up the process, since I'm in need of the money asap to help pay things off.

Also, the two times that I've rang the ESA, I've asked for an estimate on how much I should be owed and the answers seem to vary greatly. The first time I rang I was told I'd be getting around £600. I then explained that that doesn't sound right at all since I've had my benefits cut for somewhere in the region of 1 year and 14 weeks, to which the guy replied with a new estimate of £2780. The new offer seemed about right to me from my calculation (which could be very wrong). The next time I phoned, which was today, I asked again for an estimate. The guy said I should get an extra £25 a week which would mean the estimate this guy is telling me I'll get is somewhere around £1500.
I've been looking at some websites and they ALL seem to suggest getting around £100 a week if you're in the WRAG, so that should be £44 extra a week, considering I get £56 a week now since my benefits are still cut until the ESA realizes I've won my tribunal. Am I wrong here or? Somebody please clarify as this whole ordeal has been very stressful for me.

I'm 23 by the way so I don't know if this would have any effect on my money. I've read that if you're in the WRAG then the under 25 age limit thing doesn't apply. Could somebody clear this up for me?

If somebody here can please work out a rough estimate on what I should be entitled to as far as the backdated payment goes, as well as what I should be getting every week for my regular payments I'd be very very grateful.

Thanks in advance.