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Thread: Atos requested gp report,got it back but...

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    Atos requested gp report,got it back but...

    The but is that they say it could still be another month before I hear anything,i am migrating from IS to ESA and sent the ESA50 just over 7 weeks ago with a supporting letting from my gp and she explained in that letter why I would need a home visit if a medical was needed.

    My husband rang them this morning,they said they wrote to my gp for a report and got it last week but have a huge backlog so it could be another month yet.

    We had a look online and found the form they send to people's doctors,everything on that form was covered in her supporting letter,do they request a report because it is more official or is it that they basically ignored the supportive letter she wrote?

    Is it good,bad or means nothing that they asked for the report?

    Also if they ask to see me how much notice am I allowed to ask for? Only I have a young daughter who has special needs,she requires a lot of extra care and with it being the school holidays we would need to arrange for someone to look after her which isn't easy as we only have 1 close family member living in the area who is 79 and not always in the best of health herself,even if they grant me the home visit I would not want my daughter to be exposed to what would be a traumatic experience for me and would cause her extra distress.

    I really would need my husband to be there with me so it's not like he could take her out somewhere,if it falls after 5th September when school starts again then fine but if not it's going to be so much harder

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    can't say weather it's good or bad but if your GP has been supportive until now it might be a good thing as more supportive evidence could be a good thing so fingers crossed

    if they are running behind and it will be in a month before you hear anything your daughter may have gone back to school by then so again fingers crossed

    wishing you all the best with this xx

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    ESA113's Are seldom issued and only when they are considering Support Group (SG), I believe the figure is about 27% of all cases, I had one in my 'migration' which took 5 months start to finish - so be patient you could have a long haul in front of you. Incidentally I wasn't required to attend a face to face assessment (WCA) but I did ultimately have to go all the way to a Tribunal to get SG and worrying about it accomplished nothing -so don't.

    All the best

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    @ Worried the least notice they can give you is 7 days its usually more

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    Thankyou everyone,my gp has been extremely supportive so far so hopefully the report will be too,i keep trying to remind myself that this is a gp who specifically wrote things in her first letter like 'X has reduced awareness of every day hazards meaning she needs supervision for the majority of the time' so if she said on the report that I didn't she would be contradicting herself if you see what I mean.

    I am torn between feelings of wanting a possible medical over and done with and knowing at the same time that it would be so much better for the sake of my daughter if it does drag out longer,having her back at school would be so much better but I can't control what they may or may not decide to do and Jard I know you are right and that worrying won't achieve anything so I am trying not to.

    I know it's a case of wait and see now,the reality is that I have done all I can for now and I just need to wait for the next step.thankyou all again x

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