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Thread: Why some folk should avoid diesel cars

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    Why some folk should avoid diesel cars

    If you don't expect to be giving a modern turbo diesel a weekly blast above 2,500 rpm for at least 20 minutes you could easily start running into Diesel Particulate Filter problems i.e. your DPF could start blocking up with soot.

    If you don't have regular blasts on high speed roads.......your car will start forcing regeneration cycles (MPG's will plummet whilst the cycle is active).... after several failed regens....your car will go into limp mode and will require Dealership attention.

    Sales people with an ounce of integrity will steer you clear of diesels if they think you'll have nothing but bother while others might mention issues but sell you the car none the less.

    IMHO getting people in to a car that suits is paramount.

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    I don't believe dealers know about their product, I definitely knew more about the car's specification than our Motability specialist.

    So to hear that dealers aren't spelling out the dangers to potential buyers regarding the DPFs is not surprising, I know Watchdog did a piece on this last year but I think more needs to be done with advertising from the industry.

    Putting a diesel engine in a city car for example is a bit of an oxymoron these days, their engines will never get to the correct temperature to activate the DPF and therefore will require more time in the garage.

    There should be a national campaign on the issue, and Motability should definitely be asking the question to customers before they order their car.
    Or when they do order their car, Motability could call you and ask a few quick questions to ascertain whether that diesel car you just ordered is right for you or not.
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    Diesel cars used to be used by sales reps with large motorway miles, and are more economical on fuel when used for that purpose. However, if not doing high miles, it's thought that petrol engines are more economical on fuel.

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