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Thread: Independent Living Fund

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    Independent Living Fund

    Independent Living Fund I always thought it was what it saids and freedem of chose on how we want to live are life please tell me if I am wrong

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    Do you really think we have the freedom to do as we pleased, one thing about being disabled the whole dam country thinks your either cheating the system, not as bad as you make out or a burden to the hard working tax payers, the Living fund was to allow us the chance to live sadly thats now gone.

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    ilf review

    Hi Has anyone had there review and been told to pay towards there care and pay money back to them when you dont have enough to live on let alone pay nearly 100 a week towards care when your on benifits how is this right

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    Yes, I had to pay well over 600.

    What benefits are you getting .

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    I have to pay towards ILF every month, sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. ILF are very strict with what you spend your money on. I know, so where is the Independence in that ?

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    ilf review


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    OK this is from memory and since I have short term memory loss

    You would have to pay because your getting SDA and DLA because your care allowance of DLA would be used for the cost of you getting ILF or at least some of it. Since they would say if your getting a carer then you would not need Care component of DLA.

    Of course savings come into the equation but if you had a lot of saving then it would be worthless applying for this anyway.

    So is it right that people have to pay something toward this, not sure if DLA was used by people for what it was meant, then sadly we be in the sh*t, I use my DLA to pay for gas and electricity, others might use it for food, but sadly the rules state if your getting SDA or DLA you have to pay something.

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    Available income
    The ILF also looked at how much of your own money you can pay towards your care costs. This is called ‘available income’.

    It took into account half of your Disability Living Allowance and the full Severe Disability Premium, if you got it. It also considered other benefits and income that you and your partner receive, such as:

    •company pension(s)
    •Incapacity Benefit
    •war pension
    •Severe Disablement Allowance
    •widow’s or widower’s pension
    •income from capital, investments or savings
    Your earnings from any jobs would not have been taken into account.

    The ILF then worked out how much it could offer towards your care based on your weekly income and your living costs.

    You can find more information in the ‘Financial information’ form.

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    saving what is that when all the bills have to be paid now I hear British Gas is putting up their prices once again

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    I'm not saying it's right, but sadly that's the rules and yes BG is going to put gas up 18% and elecrticity 16% but of course you have registered with the gas company that your disabled and then getting the disabled persons tariff.

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