Martin Radford, 30 from Kidderminster who lives with Cerebral Palsy and other life limiting conditions, has been able to maintain his independence and continue with his Eddie Stobart hobby thanks to a customised ‘Harley Davidson’ TGA mobility scooter.


Martin is a fantastic, bubbly character who is a passionate fan of Eddie Stobart, the well-known road haulage company. He owns a TGA Supersport that has been modified to display the corporate colours of the company and Martin regularly wears Eddie Stobart clothing when out ‘truckin’ on his mobility scooter. Martin has been a member of the fan club for over five years now, has attended special Eddie Stobart events and has recently returned from Truck Fest in Malvern where he rode his scooter with pride. Martin’s mobility scooter is a black and chrome Supersport that resembles a Harley Davison style motorbike more than a traditional looking scooter. He uses it most days when he is well enough and in addition to his passion for Eddie Stobart, Martin can be regularly found down at the local Stourport marina photographing wildlife with a helper or at the Seven Valley Steam Railway.

Martin was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at an early age and also lives with many other conditions including chronic Asthma and Rheumatoid Arthritis. One of his other conditions is very rare and is known as Churg-Strauss Vasculitis syndrome, which is life-limiting and causes inflammation of blood vessels. This was discovered to affect Martin in 2006 and which lead to his need for more assistance with mobility. This condition only normally affects individuals aged over 40, which makes Martin’s situation, even more unique. His Cerebral Palsy is categorised within the autism spectrum so he has difficulties with learning, reading and writing. Nevertheless, he has shown superb skills and passion for photography. In addition he has recently been assisting the local NHS with its development of better support services for people with learning difficulties especially in GP Surgeries, clinical appointments and admission to hospital. Involved as a volunteer, Martin has been working closely with his Community Nurse for Learning Disabilities so that GP’s, hospital staff and other professionals can improve healthcare services within Worcestershire through better understanding.

Martin comments: “I love my TGA Supersport, especially as a friend of mine helped me spray it in Eddie Stobart colours. I use it around town, to visit my mates and even in the snow which is really good fun. It’s big wheels are great for traction over rough ground and I take it on holiday too so I can drive along the coast. The fact that my Supersport doesn’t look like a mobility scooter is great for me as I am only 30. I am a massive fan of Eddie Stobart and have been lucky enough to visit the Chesterfield lorry depot on my scooter when a special event has taken place. To see all the trucks lined up was fantastic – a spotter’s dream! I really enjoy being a member of the fan club and I bet there is no one else who has an Eddie Stobart stylised mobility scooter!”

Martin’s mother, Sue Houghton, supports and cares for Martin on a daily basis. She too is a remarkable individual with a very positive attitude and has purchased a trailer for the family car so Martin’s Supersport can be easily transported further afield. Martin’s model of TGA scooter is also regularly chosen by members of the Disabled Ramblers association, as it is renowned for superb performance, power and range when used offroad.