Bought this as part of a treat from a recent good PPI win and also to celebrate ... I know I should not say celebrate my winning fight with ATOS, and if IDS is watching, don't worry mate, at 54 I'm still as crap at playing as I was at 16, I'll never be able to make a living with this.

You might be forgiven for thinking my new guitar is the one on the left, but its the well worn one in the middle, its obviously artificially worn for that trendy look, but its been well done, and to me this Ebay win is awesome ... I'm chuffed to bits with how it sounds ... as a bit of a bonus, this guitar once belonged to Sam the guitarist from an up and coming UK band called Blame, Blame are pretty good, they sound a bit like "Gun" who had some success in late 80's early 90's ... and to try justify this, i think it helps stave off my arthritic condition reaching my fingers, they are getting stiff, but they just about work for some guitar playing ... its very frustrating not being fluid but we have what we have.

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Heres a vid of Blame with Sam playing my guitar at 3:13, warning this is a very catchy tune, still cant get it out of my head!