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Thread: pen pals

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    I used to have a pen pal in Australia(she was the same age as me) and then one day, a few years ago, she said she was visiting Scotland & England and did I want to meet up with her? (We had never even exchanged photos, she just thought it would be nice to meet me in person)

    We met and she was fantastic...we went back to being pen pals as normal and have been conversing for over 12 years now.

    So it isn't all bad. But I have also had the creepy males who won't take no for an answer when it comes to pictures. One even asked for pictures of me in my bra, but no face......!

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    My younger sister used to do Penpal stuff as I recall.

    When I first got the internet in early 90's (It was damn expensive back then) I was a local sort of early adopter of such technology as an aside to my geeky hobby of computers back then ... I'll tell ya what though, the Internet has changed a lot since those days, but it was cool to try out this brave new electronic frontier ... back then the catch phrase was, Its all out there, all the information you want, and I appreciated that, it was amazing and I still think it is ... anyway I talked to my geeky younger cousin too about this, he was sceptical but was a CB fanatic, in fact he met his wife on the old CB days ... so he came round that night and I was showing him the NASA sites ETC, but I could see it was lost on his shallow mind so I asked him what would you like to do on the internet? (remember, he was a CB nut) so we tried chat in the webcrawler search engine ... no Google back then, and lo and behold we found some live chat forums, it was really basic back then and I could see he was excited about it, because all of a sudden we were talking (typing) from NE Scotland to people in the USA, Australia and more, after he left I logged on once more a for a few chats with some Aussies and folk in California ... and I had to admit, it was pretty radical, went on to make some good email pals over the world while the internet was new to me and still a buzz, shame we all lost contact, as I recall I did go so far as (pen and paper) writing with a girl from Poland who shared same music interests with me.

    We all take the Internet for granted now, and that's kind of a shame when we do that, because it means we have lost a little.

    Interesting post though, certainly got me thinking and reminiscing.

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