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Thread: Meet the TGA Mobility scooter team at the 30th Mobility Roadshow

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    TGA Mobility

    Meet the TGA Mobility scooter team at the 30th Mobility Roadshow

    Here's a quick introduction to a few members of the friendly, caring team at TGA Mobility. Exhibiting at the Mobility Roadshow once more, they launched the new Vita Lite mobility scooter alongside the pioneering, foldable Minimo.

    TGA Electric Leisure Limited
    TGA is based in Sudbury, Suffolk and has been a respected designer, manufacturer and provider of mobility products for 25 years with a specialty in mobility scooters. TGA is renowned for its high quality, diverse range that includes the Breeze that is a national favourite, the ever-popular Eclipse car boot scooter through to the funky cutting edge Vita and market-leading wheelchair Powerpack.

    As a family-run business, TGA is dedicated to quality, innovation and service with all of its products undergoing rigorous testing before delivery ensuring peace of mind and trouble free ownership.

    Like TGA on Facebook: TGA.mobility.scooters

    Follow TGA on Twitter: tgamobility

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    Nice work with the new Vita Mobility Scooter range. They are really nice scooters and we are looking forward to stocking them.

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