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Thread: Disabled Toilets

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    What you are saying is that because you use the normal toilets then every Tom Dick and Harry should be able to use the disabled ones. Next thing they will let everyone use a Disabled parking bay. I think not!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue-badger View Post
    I visited a local branch of Marks and Spencer.
    I was unable to access the disabled toilets for obvious reasons.
    I sent the photo to head office who told me that there was another disabled toilet on the next floor.

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    Apologies for sideways photo. I tried to edit it. Please don't fall out of your chair!
    That is truly disgusting.

    I went into teco's(WHERE MY MOTHER ACTUALLY WORKS!) and it was similar..I just asked the manager to get somebody to move it or they'd be cleaning up a puddle instead..they were more than happy to oblige :P

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    Shocking BB and no I haven't called out of my chair lol

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    I think that this reply saying that there is another toilet on another floor is deplorable.

    I have rotated your Pic for you and here it is.

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    We were in a Sheffield hospital several years ago, daughter wanted the accessible loo - only it was blocked inside with cleaning trollies, buckets, mops etc!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sea queen View Post
    We were in a Sheffield hospital several years ago, daughter wanted the accessible loo - only it was blocked inside with cleaning trollies, buckets, mops etc!
    Yet again Tesco failed in a massive way. The cleaners parked their cleaning wagon in a place that's 'out of the way' - right in front of the accessible toilet door as their store room is next door.

    And the emergency pull cord is still three foot short of the floor.

    Tesco customer service say it's not our fault as the cleaners are contracted out. Just like massive car park outside - illegal parking ie abuse of Blue Badge parking isn't their problem. Plenty of get out clauses.

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