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sorry about teh rant, but look at this another way, if i was seen to use a disabled loo people could say why is he coming out of a disabled toilet, cos im bloody disabled thats why, how many times have been mentioned on here about disabilities we dont see . i have had some really shit news today and when i read about people moaning about someone going for a piss in a toilet it just makes me wonder if we are no better than the people who label us.
it was the fact that I asked the woman if she had a disability and she said no..I would have apologised for seeming rude if she had.

Before I injured my knee, I had an 'invisible' disability myself, so I do know where you are coming from with that.

As for the comment about 'people moaning about someone going for a piss' is a bit harsh. Why should I have to embarass myself in public because somebody is inconsiderate??