Hello good evening!

Please excuse if this post is long! In my head it will be, but I will try to keep it brief!

Basically, I work in a large chain coffee shop in a busy city centre branch (I don't consider myself disabled as well, sorry if I'm pooping your party ;]). I wanted to know you opinions on what I have to deal with on a near daily basis.

My branch is located within a shopping mall, but also half in the main train station. The mall provides toilet facilities just a few metres from our store; and we provide one disabled toilet within our store.

If anyone asks to use the toilet, I simply say (the carefully thought out phrase) "We have a disabled toilet, which is around the corner. Alternative toilets are available in the mall food court."
I feel this allows me not to judge who is 'disabled' and who isn't and whatever. There are invisible disabilities and I amn't one to judge.

I had one woman today, however, who went along like this:
Her: "Have you got toilets?"
Me: "We have a disabled toilet…*blah blah"
Her: "Can I just use your disabled toilet?"
Me: "If you're disabled then of course. As I say, alternative toilets are located in the mall."
Her: "But, why can't I use it? There's no disabled people in here."
Me: "Well, there may be no visibly disabled people in store at the moment, however, there may be some people with invisible disabilities who require the toilet facility immediately and cannot wait –*and it would be unfair to make them wait when you could use a toilet that is only a few metres away."
She decided just to use the toilet anyway. (GRR!)

Another man today went as far as to say that was discrimination, and that I couldn't do that. When I asked him why it was discrimination, he just replied 'it just is'.

I just don't believe some people. Some people are so lazy. There are lovely, clean toilets in the mall (the best public loos I've ever seen).

But what's your opinion? Do you think I should be so uptight? I'm just worried one day a person will have an accident, or will use our toilet and it will be disgusting because hundreds of people were too lazy to walk a few metres. Only the other day a woman with mobility issues complained she had to wait for the toilet which was dirty, smelly and had no loo paper when she used it. This made me guilty and upset –*and I guess has spurred me on to challenge such people.

Thanks for reading