Ok So I finished a temp job I had once I got back from holiday and have been signing on for 2weeks. I'm a on programme with Intraining. Here's the situation:

Ok so I attended a interview a role that went through Intraining and the employer was very happy with me and apparently sang my praises. I was told at the start that this job may include weekends but you can be on a shift that runs from Mon-Fri which is perfect for me cause weekends I cannot work cause of family commitments and plus I am a Roman Catholic so working Sunday's is out of the question for me. When the interview finished I told a guy at Intraining to see if he could raise the issue I had with working the weekends but he told me he wouldn't as to not put the guy off straight away so it was left to me to explain when the guy contacted me with a 'potential offer'. I went on to explain how weekends are difficult for me as I have family commitments, plus although I drive I don't have my car at weekends as brother uses it for work and so on. The guy explained to me that it would be awkward to work around for not only me but himself also and so the job offer was not made.

Now intraining have contacted me asking when I start as they were led to believe that I would get an offer and I told them the situation that an offer was not made once these issues were raised. They have taken this to believe I turn it down cause I don't wanna work weekends and have now got to raise a doubt with the jobcentre. Because from there side there was potential employment but I didn't take it for reason stated above and cause it was never on my notes I couldn't work Sunday...so at the time I was available Mon-Sun.

My mistake was not informing Jobcentre of the issues working weekends and because of that intraining have said I am available all days and times, but if this was stated on my file then they wouldn't be offering me work that includes weekends. Now I have to contact the jobcentre to add the fact I cannot work sundays onto my file and so my file with intraining will be updated. Still, a doubt has to be raised. Where do I stand?

What happens once a doubt is raised, do payments stop? Will anything even happen cause intraining said that even though a doubt is raised nothing may come of it. Cause they will put in their doubt the reason I couldn't work mainly being the issue with Sunday. I still stand by the fact an offer for employment was not made, he didn't offer me a role and then I told him the issue. I explained the issue and that was it...no offer.

Please help me, whats your advice?