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Thread: Sign Petition to Expel Iain Duncan Smith

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    Expel Iain Duncan Smith

    I have read the story of iain duncan smith is to be expelled but you do not read this or hear of this in main newspapers or TV. What they say and what they do could be two different things!

    I know we would all like to have Iain Duncan Smith Expelled as he is not trustworthy to our country and such a liar his actions are outside the boundaries of law

    Expel Iain Duncan Smith
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    There are hundreds of people who are ready to do his job..
    Its like saying expel the torys?

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    did you know that while in opposition iain duncan smith spent three years going around the country researching people on welfare and became more and more convinced that if he got back in power he would dismantle the present system,he and many other right wing torys
    believe it should be the job of charities (not the state) to look after the sick and disabled if you do not believe me read his autobiography?
    he was ready to be dropped by cameron at the round of cabinet changes but he said and i quote i have not finished at this department yet
    he was kept in the post not by cameron but by osbourne and several other right wingers so do not hold your breath

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    why does this not surprise me

    they would probably line us up to shoot us if they could get away with it

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