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Thread: Calling debbee, calling deebee :)

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    Calling debbee, calling deebee :)

    Hi Deebee

    Hope you don't mind me posting this here for you, but I really wanted to know the answer. I just saw this on a thread you had posted in. I have put my question at the bottom and it is already on the thread anyhow.

    Thanking you

    Originally Posted by deebee
    am I missing something here?
    I don,t understand why you have to claim ESA in the first place
    Do you receive carers allowance?
    If so, surely you are entitled to Income support?
    I myself am too ill to work, but at the moment am spared all the srtesses that come with claiming ESA as I receive carers allowance,which entitles me to income support and I don,t get asked to look for work.
    Hello deebee

    Hope you are as well as poss today

    Hope you don't mind me asking but I claim Income Support because I am on my own and am in the process of changing from IB to ESA. Do you mean I don't need to claim ESA as my IS will be topped up anyway ?

    Would you mind clarifying what you mean please hun ?


    AP x

    PS if anyone else knows the answer feel free to jump on in

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    Hi Andy
    Hope you're doing ok I don't know exactly what's right I never claimed IS when I was on IB people I know who did said it was a top up rather than their main benefit i think IS is also going over to ESA too. I thought carers allowance was for people who cared for others not benefit for themselves again don't quote me others on here probably know more on it. Hope you hear soon about your esa andy, maybe look on the gov site and see if anything is on there.
    Hope the antibiotics helped and you're all better now take care x

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    Hi Andy I think deebee gets carers allowance for looking after someone with care needs so carers and income support

    you should get esa with IS top up I think

    Hope you're well xx

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    Hi, AP, Acherons answer is spot on

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    Thanks everyone,

    I never noticed the bit where deebee mentioned carers allowance - doh !

    I am much better thanks freedomeagle, hope your well yourself

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