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Thread: New to Motability and seeking advice.

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    New to Motability and seeking advice.

    Hi everyone hope you don't mind me asking a few questions about motability.

    First question I have is how long does it take to receive your car once you have ordered it?

    I'll introduce myself a little, my name is "Withheld for time being" I have Cystic Fibrosis and been fighting DLA since I was 16 and gave up trying as I couldn't get anything not even low rate care. I have now finally after 3 years of appealing been awarded low rate care, high rate mobility, only took affect 12 days ago and they only back dated it to 24th March which I don't mind I'm thankful I finally got it.

    As with Cystic Fibrosis my lungs are very damaged and everyday my chest is tight, along with many other CF related issues including osteoporosis of the spine and arthritis in both wrists, one knee etc. I have lung pains and joint pains specifically in my neck, shoulders, legs and knee. Cavity in my middle lobe and borderline diabetic so believe me when I say this was a struggle for me to get despite my Dr's writing letters to back up my claim.

    Thank you for reading up to this point now this is where I have an issue, Once PiP get around to my claim I more then likely will lose it as despite taking just over 3000 tablets a month including IV's a needle bin, nebs and new drug trials they keep putting me on I doubt I'll be entitled to any mobility or motability at all so this is where my second question comes in would I be able to buy the car if I lose my entitlement?

    Again thank you for reading and I hope PiP doesn't mess it up for me I'm struggling to live as it is and very close to the point of giving up.

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    Welcome zonedemon. I hope you enjoy meeting new people on the site and gain information and reassurance that you are not alone.

    Your first question is difficult to answer as some car manufacturers have cars you ucan get straight away and others build to order. It also depends on whether you need any adaptations too.

    On your other question about PIP. I think you can order a car through the scheme even if you've only been awarded high rate mobility for a few years. You, like the rest of us will get reassessed to see if we meet the new criteria.

    If I were you I'd order a vehicle that meets your needs and enjoy the freedom it gives. Don;t worry too much about PIP as they are still trailing it in pilot areas before refining it.

    Live today and enjoy it while you can. We want to see you driving off into the sunset.

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    Welocome Zonedome.

    You need to have a minimum one year left on your award before you can order a car on the scheme.

    If the dealer has the model in stock then you can have it within weeks. If the model is popular, you want extras fiited or adaptions then it could take months.

    Choose the model and have a chat with the dealer and see what he has in stock.

    Don't worry about PIP. Just enjoy your new car and try to save money so if you are affected by PIP then you have the finance to buy a car.

    If you lose your entitlement then you may be able to buy your car from motability. Be warned they usually ask for top book price. Recommend that you find out if your car goes to auction when you return it and then buy it from auction or buy a different car from dealers etc

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    Which car do you plan to get?

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    Hi thank you all for the replys and warm welcome, I have been awarded indefinite award and from what I've read about PIP it's going to be another fight once they take over as I will be looked at by one of their own Dr's. A Dr that wont know of my illness never mind how it affects me.

    I'll be honest I phoned VW/Vindis and TCH/Ford but they never called me back, I went to both showrooms to look at the cars and left them my number etc to book an appointment but again both companies haven't bothered to get in touch. I was looking at the VW Golf as I had a Golf mk5 2.0 gt tdi but I was really interested in the BMW 318d as that is the only diesel option they do or the Audi A3 but the AP is a bit high on those models and waiting until july 1st to see if the price drops.

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