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    Anybody know what the size is for ferrules for your bog standard black metal folding walking stick?

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    i bought some online but they were wrong size i thought i was just a standard size, i then visited a disability aids shop and got proper advice and they fitted it for me to.

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    I can get mine from the local cobblers/key cutting place. Always best to actually go somewhere and try the ferrules on your stick. I also have bought online and they have been the wrong size.
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    Good idea.Will do.They usually sell everything in the local hardware shop.

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    Try the shop Boots.

    I'm cheeky as I just pop in at my local physios and ask if they have any spare ferrules. They're happy to fit them for no cost.

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    Our local cobblers sell them, also outdoor and camping shops. I have found them in tool shops, the old fashioned ones as well.

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    Thanks.Will give them a try.

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    19 mm.Found out from hardware shop guy.

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