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Thread: Adaptations?!

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    Well flowerangel, just logged on to find your message. It's been another scorcher here but I was able to get some exercise at my local all abilities cycling club. There were over 100 people wanting to cycle in a three hour slot. The ages vary from a few months to parents with tots as well as disabled people. Quite a social gathering.

    Anyway to your shower issue.

    Here are photos of the two things that might help - well the steps for definate but the swival shower chair would work but would need taking out to allow other people to stand in the bath to shower even though it only takes a few minutes to secure in place and a minute to removal.

    bath step.jpg
    Rotating Swivel Bath Seat.jpg

    It's been so hot and sticky today that I had two showers - the last one using cool water to cool me down.

    Hope this helps.
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    I think i'd try the steps first..going to have a look online Thank you so much for your help!

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