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Thread: Name & Shame

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    Name & Shame

    Who I hear you asking, it must be naughty people Andp, oh, no my dear friends there is talk of "naming & shaming people in receipt of benefits"

    I am watching The Andrew Marr show and they are just reviewing the papers and this was spoken about !!!!

    I know this wont happen, but I can't believe they are even thinking about it !

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    I was up at 6.30am had my breakfast and seeing the pouring rain went back to bed. Just woke up at 10am - wow!

    Andrew Marrshow is great - thank god I;m programmed to record the series. Think I'll get a culpa and check it out.

    Today is web-editing day and adding photos, general tidy up and putt later for a coffee and chat.

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    it is one thing naming and shaming but at the same time this government along with the rest are just trying to create more hatred to those who claim benefits and it is a fact that crimes against disabled and others has gone on the increase.

    so puzzling that only a mere 10% is now going on welfare yet they bang on like the whole budget is going on benefits, most of what is been spent now is going to the NHS and other bodies.

    if we were to incite hatred like this then we would be prosecuted.

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    Dail Fail are on the same band-wagon.....

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    If the media attempted anything like this directed against a religion or colour there would be outrage. The needy are fair game apparently

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    Surely if they named people in reciept of benefits it would be an invasion of privacy.
    If, on the other hand, it was to name fraudsters, this sort of thing is already plastered all over the media. This is one of the things that enforces peoples views that all benefits claimants are lying, cheating so and so's.
    What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

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    I think that the disabled sector is in for a very rough ride. After all, anyone in a wheelchair is phoney and secretly play rugby at weekends.

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    name and shame

    The problem with this is some people who may not be entitled to benefits could start naming people who are through bitterness my Niece has bio polar she's very extreme but people only see her when she's manic out and about partying ect.....

    But when she's low she's almost catatonic and these periods last for weeks at a time so mrs x who was just found fit for work might decide that she is also fit causing untold grieve to someone with mental health

    I think with the new ESA and PIP it's going to be hard for any fraudsters because it's hard enough for genuine claimants
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grigoryevich View Post
    I think that the disabled sector is in for a very rough ride. After all, anyone in a wheelchair is phoney and secretly play rugby at weekends.
    Anyone doing that I want to see named shamed and forced to repay their fraudulent income.

    The authorities can post my name and income with my blessing. Just so I can see the face of friends, familiy and former associates as they say "how the hell does he live off that?". Given that our family income dropped by 75% when I became ill. There are those that still believe it's a lifestyle choice (!)

    The quid pro quo for posting my welfare income is that I require the names and incomes of every nurse, doctor, teacher, civil servant and anyone else obtaining their earnings from the Public Purse. No, not so keen are you now Mr Daily Mail reader.
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    Dam I do play rugby at the week end, ok wheelchair.

    I also play football in the week again wheelchair. but if people want to know what I get go for it, it's all over the internet I get ESA £143 a week... I get I think it's about £117 DLA I get child credits of about £45 a week I pay my rent and council tax which is £100 a week.

    All totally legal and above board .

    Now then let see what MP's earn including the second jobs they do. paid and unpaid.

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