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Thread: Issues with Friends when Newly Disabled

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    Quote Originally Posted by andypandy View Post
    Hi Acheron

    Sounds like you've had a rough old time. My ex thought I knew that I was going to be disabled/ill and that's why I married him so soon after we met. The truth was I fell head over heels completely and utterly in live with him, but he didn't see it like that.

    I do hope you and your hubby are able to stay together. Marriage isn't easy at the best if times it is.

    Sending you warm hugs
    Hi AP sounds like you had it rough too
    so sorry your marriage went wrong illness/disablities cause some shit don't they some people just can't cope me and OH got past that eventually but now were just growing apart I'm still the same but not I use to have so much energy always on the go wanted to cram as much in as possible

    Now my life's in the slow lane and he's still in the fast we get on but it's so much different now were friends but not much more I don't think we'll ever be like we was before

    I sometimes feel like I'm holding him back I do really think he stayed for the kids yes he loves me but not like he did

    but like I said if things change and we split we will be friends no hard feelings it can be very hard for all the family when one gets ill

    And for what it's worth AP you deserve better

    hope you get some rest tonight and speak with you soon Acheron xx
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