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Thread: Show That Britain Cares!

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    Show That Britain Cares!

    Disabled people are being denied essential support to live their lives. The Government thinks we don’t care. Let's show them we do!

    We want the Government to fund social care for disabled people who need it in the upcoming Spending Review on 26 June -- it's when they'll decide our priorities as a country for public spending.

    Britain Cares is a campaign set-up by a coalition of UK disability charities including Scope, Mencap, Ambitious about Autism, Voluntary Organisations Disability Group and others It has the support of celebrities including Stephen Fry, Lynda Bellingham, Sally Bercow and Paralympian Sophie Christiansen.

    The campaign is built around a video, narrated by Stephen Fry ( and a website ( where people can upload a picture of themselves with the words ‘I Care’ in it.

    So far 40,000 people have signed the petition and over 25,000 have sent pictures, asking 606 of 650 MPs to contact the Secretary of State for Health, Jeremy Hunt.

    Find out more about Britain Cares here:

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    I care so do many on here, I've signed

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