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Thread: Wheelchair handle grips/covers

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    Wheelchair handle grips/covers

    Can anybody help please?
    My partner is trying to get me out and about a bit more. This means using my wheelcair. He is having a problem with the handles in that he is getting very sore hands from holding the handles when pushing the wheelchair. I have been looking online etc to try and find some covers for the handles, preferabally gel type ones. Has anyone had a similar problem and how did you solve it? Can anyone advise where I can buy some covers/grips for wheelchair handles? He does not really want to use gloves as his hands get too hot, lol.
    Any help/advice is appreciated.
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    Get some trendy figureless cycling gloves - they look cool and sporty.

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    I use cycling gloves with my walking frame as I have the same problem of sore palms plus callouses.
    Another alternative is wheelchair gloves that are used for self propelling.

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    If your chair is an NHS one then they may be able to help. When I was assessed for my present chair one of my carers was with me and she mentioned that she got back when she pushed me because the handles were the wrong height. They fitted my chair with handles that change height. Carers love it.

    I know it's not the same problem but there may be something the NHS can do.

    Just a thought

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