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Thread: In or out of the European Court Of Human Rights???

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    Lightbulb In or out of the European Court Of Human Rights???

    If we pull out of Europe all together, then we will no longer have recourse to the European Court of Human Rights, our government want to replace it with a Bill of Rights for the UK, but, how accessible will this be, without the right to legal aid to even get a case as far as that.

    It will end up like the Equality Act, which sounds good in theory, but try to access it under disability discrimination, or indeed under any type of discrimination, and you'll find that it only really applies to a class action, and that the discrimination has to affect everyone that is either disabled or from an ethnic background, or a particular religious background, or whatever, and it doesn't apply to individual cases.....

    Europe, 'Brussels' may be a pain in the proverbial, on many issues, but at least they can keep the reigns on our government leaders when it comes to Human Rights, which were slowly being eradicated by our government, but is now very quickly being eradicated by our government....

    On a slightly different note; Cameron is using the threat of leaving the EU as leverage to gain more 'goodies' from Brussels for his government and high up British business men, otherwise known as 'Cameron's Cronies'!

    Nothing good will come out of this for the 'common' man!!!! But, having said that I strongly feel that we do need to stay in the EU, so that the Court of Human Rights, remains available to us, the citizens of the UK, whether disabled or not.

    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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    The problem is now that Cameron has stated we will have a referendum he'll not be able to go back on this and it will be in the Tories manifesto, and I suspect as Ball's has stated Labour's not against having a vote just not yet, I think you will see Labour agreeing to a referendum before the next election in the hope of keeping voters onside.

    It's going to be a very close vote not sure how I would vote I suspect my self right now I would vote to leave, it's just costing to much to stay in. The EU has done very little to help the disabled against the welfare reforms, in fact agreeing to the reforms in some cases, I mean the rich are not being attacked across the EU it's the poor...


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