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Parents to pay £500 to have their child statemented, this is just another step towards total privatisation of our health service. I would guess from what is shown on British TV with regards to the American health service that health insurance would cover this type of expense.

I was special needs governour of a special needs school adhd MLD Asperger autism for many years, in the UK people have been spending more than £500 for ages educational psychologist is the start then OT Speech Therapy Consultant that's high up. Now in theory without them The LEA will during the statement period get such reports but it takes ages and by getting them done yourself and making a lot of noise talk to your councillor keep on the phone to the education department you jump the Q

By the time someone without money gets a report done the places are gone and even if the needs are greater, the finished statement wont name the place they should be in as once named the LEA have a legal duty to fund the place, but rather than do that at times a child could end up with say just ten hours extra support in a main stream school

you also see some children with very little need but the parents go over the top getting adhd or Dyslexic "problems" statement just so they get extra help and extra time in exams to help them in life............. this bigger problem in US but like everything over there we getit in the end ...... pay some people enough they will write anything