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    Suffering In Silence......

    While watching 'Da Vinci Code - The True story' on channel 5 tonight they said the Da Vinci was most probably Dyslexic, then the narrator said "Dyslexia is an inherited form of learning disability!"

    Why does Britain call dyslexia a learning difficulty??? If a person has severe dyslexia and is unable to read or write at all then they have to implicitly trust other people to fill in forms, the trouble with this, is that other people very rarely write things down in the same way that you explain things to them, they often misrepresent what you say and twist your words. Then when they read it back to you, you have to trust what they say and once you sign the form, then you are agreeing with what has been written on your behalf and it is 'taken as gospel'. When you do ask them to change what they have written, they often don't want to change what they have written and this causes the dyslexic person to become frustrated then the person filling in the form will say that the dyslexic person is getting angry, and the person filling in the form can even say, I don't have to do this, and they use this as an excuse and walk off....all because you are asking them to put it right!!!

    In addition you have no privacy when you can't read or write at all, because you have to ask others (usually a neighbour) to read your mail and write letters for you, then they get to know all your business.......

    I know there must be some people on here that have mild dyslexia, but at least if you can read and write, even to a poor standard then at least you can access computers, the Internet and information. When you can't read or write at all, then you can't access these to put your voice out there to explain the enormity of severe dyslexia and what a cognitive impairment this really is, and lets face it 70% of communication in a day is in written form, and when this vital resource is cut off because of mild and severe dyslexia, then it really is a disability and not 'just a difficulty'.

    It is these people that are suffering in silence because they get taken advantage of, so easily because others know ALL their business and can hold things over them and they cannot access the info on forums like this one and get the support that they need.

    Why does America widely acknowledge that all Dyslexia is an inherited form of learning disability both mild and severe and Britain does not recognise this as a fact?????

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