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    about medical

    if dm as my dla claim will i still be required for medical? i do no they asked for copy of esa medical as have just been migrated in to support group of esa can anyone advise plz

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    Quote Originally Posted by CardiffLady View Post
    Hi jheart, sorry maybe misunderstood? You've applied for DLA/PIP and do you need a medical? Not necessarily. I didn't have a medical just attended a Tribunal. I'm in ESA Support and no medical there either.
    hi cardifflady,no im on esa (support group) i applied for dla and they said on phone claim with dm does this mean not required to even attend medical?if so how can they (if they do)deny benefit without medical

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    Hi jheart

    I think they may have meant that your claim is with the DM and no decision has been made for PIP yet ? or am I mis-understanding your question ?

    If you applied recently it will have been for PIP not DLA.

    I applied for DLA about 10 years ago now but from what I remember a doctor visited me at home (dont know if they still do this) and I was refused DLA mobility and care, but I appealed and got high rate mobility. I applied a few months later for care and got high rate without even seeing anyone. I guess it is possible for them to deny you any PIP without a medical but thats when you need to appeal.

    I hope I have understood your question

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