New lightweight portable bidet

Wes Medical to showcase the new lightweight, portable Better Bidet at the 2013 Mobility Roadshow.

The Better Bidet, a battery operated innovative, affordable portable and travel friendly bidet allows the user luxury and comfort of a regulated spray wash wherever they may be.

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Its light compact slim stylish design focuses on ease of use whilst its powerful pulsing wash nozzle improves bathroom personal hygiene and wellbeing.

Unlike plumbed bidets the Better Bidet needs no tradesmen to plumb or wire the unit before use, and also allows you to add emollients or approved medication to the reservoir of water which is a huge step forward in bathroom care. It will fit virtually any toilet, be it at Home, Hotel, Caravan or when visiting Friends Pack it into your suitcase for Holidays or weekends away no more excuses.

Launched for evaluation in Early May 2013 the Better Bidet made a splash with potential buyers who placed instant orders and said it would give them freedom and reassurance to know they could use it with ease and take it anywhere. The price is much lower than fixed plumbed- in versions means that it is affordable to everyone and Occupational Therapists can provide an instant solution to their patients needs.

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Available with accessories that allow a better range of use, we have riser seat attachments in all 3 sizes 2 4 and 6 and for the first time we can supply the Big John bariatric toilet seat with the bidet connection. It is easy to operate and self contained.

A commode version makes the new range complete.

The Better Bidet will be exhibiting at the 2013 Mobility Roadshow in Telford June 27-29 on stand B14.

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