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    It's a bit late to date I've applied for 2,001 jobs and had three interviews ending up with a owrk trial that was to be for six weeks agreed with the job center which went on for one year and two days, when I asked how am I doing they said great, and then I asked how about employment and being paid they said no, that was with a well known employment agency, which had four people working for benefits, but did not employ a single disabled person, but met the requirements by saying we are looking we have these people on trial.

    I went for one job with another employment agency which said we need a office run about when I applied then actually said read it, look at it what does it say, ya Run about, can you run about. I gave up after ten years of trying, I can get dozens of workfare type work for benefits and they are happy to allow me to even do the work they later says I cannot do.

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    If you've applied for over 2000 jobs and only got three interviews I would suggest it could be in connection with how you apply for a job.

    If you have been out of work for a few years then your skills won't match what employers are looking for.

    The only type of ork you could apply for would be through a temp agency not a permanent job because you'd have to prove yourself first.

    Unless you plan to be a gardener nearly every job you apply for will involve using a computer using certain Microsoft software like Word. You can obviously use the internet to have found this website. If you check out your local college they'll put on classes for people who want to learn new skills and it will be free if you're on benefit.

    The secret to landing an interview isn't rocket science. Check out the Person Specification and use that as your template to giving evidence that you can do the task.

    If they say 'must be able to handle a budget' - just relate to your home experience of budgeting for gas, electric, rent, food etc. Use your life experiences as examples of how you meet the spec.

    If you can meet ALL the questions then you will be eligible to attend an interview.

    Interview technique is another subject but you'll need training in what to say in order to impress the panel.

    They are mainly looking at what values you can bring to the organisation - anything else can be trained.

    If you really want a job it's not easy but you can do it.

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