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    Do you know how there's supposed to be an economic recession going on?Yes?Well it's really strange as I've been trying to buy a hand trike -the cheapest one of course - only a grand or so-ouch!No-body wants to sell me one.Contacted Mission Cycles who make them along with regular bikes.They suggested I contact their outlet in Glasgow-Dales Cycles.Strangely enough they have no mention of these contraptions on their web-site but I filled in the online form and heard nothing for 2 and a half weeks so contacted Mission Cycles who said they're keen on selling them but the dealers ain't.They are "making enquiries" to find a dealer here who's keener on supplying the trike.So,it looks like nobody wants over a grand in sales.Recession?What recession?

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    Dales Cycles have got back to me.They can supply one.Eureka!

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    hi jaicee58 glad you got what you were looking for i don't know anything about cycles the last bike i had was a hand-me-down from my brother a purple chopper ohh i loved that bike .so happy cycling to you.

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    Dales Cycles have now decided they can't supply one.There are too many "issues" for them re.setting them up and maintaining them so they're safe to ride about on.They've pointed at 2 other bike shops in Glasgow who are dealers for Mission Cycles.I'm not expecting much joy but I'll give them a try.

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