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Thread: Any Thoughts???

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    Lightbulb Any Thoughts???

    Does anyone have any thoughts or theories as to why mental health adverts have disappeared from the media in the last couple of months??? The ones where they said things like "It's time to talk" etc???

    Or why they no longer show the advert where a young disabled man gets on a bus with help from a support worker, because he is going to work???

    Why do the media appear to have back-tracked on these issues???

    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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    I think the ads were paid for by charities; Mind had an awareness campaign and they paid for the "It's time to talk" ads and I think Leonard Cheshire might have made the wheelchair and bus ads. So there will have been a limited budget and so the ads would have only run for a while. Big shame as they were great and made some important points heard.
    May is stroke awareness month, there will be some media stuff from the stroke association I imagine!

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    maybe because we now have atos and theres no such thing as illness ,disablity and disease the've cured us all or maybe the goverment have put a stop to them as they don,t want joe public to remember that their is seriously ill people around as they want to portray us all as scroungin lazy good for nothing wasters it's a consprecy or maybe i'm paranoid ???

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