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Thread: Motability grants for older learner drivers

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    Cool Motability grants for older learner drivers

    Hi all and thanks in advance for any advice you can give.

    I have been chasing down the dream of further independence by trying to get a car.
    After going to a drivers assessment centre and posting the report to Motability grants team.
    I got a call back today and was asked a few questions about my driving lessons and when my theory test was booked etc....
    Then the lady from the grants department said it is unlikely that they would approve my application as I am a learner driver, despite being told by her previously that if I booked my theory test and provide proof they would consider it.
    Now it was recommended that I have a WAV - a VW Caddy Maxi with a powered tailgate, olympian max capacity boot hoist, unger ring accelerator and left hand operated brake lever, an instructors brake on passenger side and various other adjustments to the interior to aid transfers and driver comfort.
    I was having driving lessons in a standard automatic until 5 weeks ago until I suffered from a really bad fall and have not been able to regain good use of my right leg and my left leg is useless.
    I have spoken to my instructor and he is currently teaching another disabled student in the same vehicle with a similar set up provided by Motability. The student is under 25 and is paying for the lessons themselves.
    I am wondering if anyone has ever been awarded financial aid from Motability grants team under my circumstances
    I'm 38 and live alone and desperately trying to get around independently, really for me this would be the first step in getting back in to the work place.

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    Chicken and egg and horse before cart

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    I suspect they are worried that your not going to pass your test, and they do really need to know your going to get your license before going through all the paper work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wobble1 View Post
    Chicken and egg and horse before cart
    I'm sorry are you

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