My son's OT is coming on Tuesday to discuss his next wheelchair. He is 7 (quite small for his age) cannot stand or walk at all but has quite good upper body strength and posture. He attends a mainstream school and wants to be able to keep up with his friends in the playground as well as move around the classroom. He currently has an Invacare Action 3 Junior but would probably like something a bit more sporty. It needs to be lightweight and portable as we have to load it in and out of the car a lot but it also must be stable so we can encourage him to use it independently. He recently had an accident in his chair when the front wheels got stuck in a rut and it fell forward. It may be that his current chair just needs re-sizing or weighted differently but I've been trying to do a bit of research about what's out there before our meeting with wheelchair services. It's very confusing - how can I find out how much the chairs are (approx) and whether they're available on the NHS? I would appreciate some recommendations!