Hello to everyone and thanks in advance .I received notification via phone on 3 /4/2013 that i passed ATOS medical and awarded 0 points .I immediately stated on the phone that i would be appealing {been through process before and had my appeal upheld} .Since this time i have sent the dwp a sick note for 2 months .I have filled out gl24 form and posted it back .I did give basic reasons why i disagreed with the decision .I forgot however to say i wish to be paid at the assessment rate until appeal was heard .I have rang the DWP on at least 6 occasions since then, including today .I was informed last Tuesday that everything was in order and my claim should be processed over the next few days .I have rang again today only to be told nothing has happened {no claim in process ] and should ring again tomorrow.Every time i rang i have spoon fed the advisers with all the information that they needed .I mentioned my claim for ESA at the assessment rate every time i have contacted them ,and they have said they have sick note and gl24 ,all is in order . However nothing has been sorted and all i get told is to ring again .What advice could anyone give me if i receive similar response when i ring again tomorrow .I seem to be on the the merry go round to nowhere ! Many thanks ,Frank