Hi everyone,

I am a 2nd year PhD student at Canterbury Christ Church University. For my doctorate I am investigating how non-disabled people and physically disabled people interact with each other. More specifically, the thoughts and emotions that can precede and follow short interactions between these two groups. My interest in this topic stems from both the euthusiasm I have for my field and from my own experiences as a person who has cerebral palsy.

I hope it is ok to post a link to my study here. I am looking for physically disabled participants to complete a 15 minute survey. During the survey you will be presented with two scenarios which ask you to imagine interacting with non-disabled people in two different situations. You will then be asked some questions regarding your thoughts and feelings towards each scenario. Some participants will also be given additional information about the study context before responding to questions.


In addition, I would be grateful if my survey could be forwarded to any other physically disabled people who might like to participate. I would also welcome advice on other places where I could post my survey.

I am very happy to be contacted by email ( mark.carew@canterbury.ac.uk ) in relation to my research and I am happy to participate in the research of other people if needed.

Thank you.