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Thread: getting help decorating from volunteers ?

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    Question getting help decorating from volunteers ?

    Hi all, sorry if this post is in the wrong place not sure what it would come under

    i'm disabled with a shattered spine, living with my partner & 3 kids 10,9 & 4 my partner can only work part time as she has to care for me, the kids & the house, when she's out the eldest 2 care for me when not at skool and are registered as young carers.

    Now we have just been given a council house which is converted for disabled tenants, our big problem is we are moving from a fully furnished private rented house, done to a very good standard, this council house has been stripped & i mean stripped carpets, curtains, blinds and majority of wall paper as they did some rewiring to bring it up to modern standards.

    We are really stuck, the biggest issue is the decorating, we have been supplied with a small paint pack. I know years ago before i had an accident i did removals which included council work, back then there were charities offering volunteers to assist with decorating for disabled / OAPs, back then i lived in blackpool but now we live in tameside and have no family or real friends which would be close enough to help.

    Could someone please let me know if there are any such charities whom supply help to assist decorating including plastering / papering, esp around Tameside / Gr Manchester.

    Many thanks Billy.MC

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    Colin as you have moved in to a council house you can get decorating vouchers from your local council, you need to simply ask for the estate manager who showed you around the property and ask for the vouchers as for help not sure but think if you are stuck then your local council should be able to assist or point you in the right direction.

    others will come on and suggest charities who may be able to help but please do ask your council for those vouchers if you haven't got them.

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    I would speak to the housing officer. LA's have dedicated staff to help disabled poeple with home issues and if they can't help they will probably know a man who can. CAB usually keep a list of volunteer groups in your area. You could try SCOPE, another is Betel but they may charge, worth asking. I think a bit of Googling and phoning will get results, but start with your landlords first.

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    Most councils have a "handyman scheme". They will charge, but as long as you supply what is needed, they charge only for labour and it is usually cheaper than getting in a private contractor. Contact your local council and ask them. They should put you in touch with the people you need to speak to. Also get in touch with CAB as suggested as they would know of any schemes in your area that might be able to help.
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