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Thread: NEED HELP ! 60 yrs old first ever JC back into work interview .What Questions???

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    Question NEED HELP ! 60 yrs old first ever JC back into work interview .What Questions???

    Please can anyone give me some info on what do they ask you , what is the proceedure , Is there a lot of others ?
    I have been told it is like a cattle market once you step through the doors of a jobcenter , there is such a lot of other people around just waiting for there name to be called , Worse still I was told by someone else there are no toilets to use.
    I am dreading it, I am 60 yrs old an accident finished my working days. I wanted to stay in work at the time but was told I was a liability no one wanted to know. I ,like many others are worse now and agraphobia is one of my setbacks. My mind goes blank when questions are asked and I just want to get out. They know all this as I couldnt face going to the interview 4 week ago. thought if I knew what is asked I can prepare myself a bit .

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    You will see a disability adviser who will see you normally alone have a chat and then decide how is the best way forward, it's not a cattle market at all, and is nothing to be scared of. They will then have a chat on your first interview and they will give you an idea of what is on offer.

    The old type Job center has long gone where your seen in a long line of people at a desk.

    I found mine was OK then I was asked if I like to go to a the Shaw Trust where I was seen and then asked if I wanted to go training for an hour a week, I then took an offer of working for nothing in a charity, then went on to be come my council coaching officer for disability sport which I do for three hours a week.

    All Job centers are disability friendly or should be, the one I use has three different disability toilets...

    It really is more of a chat then an actual adviser suffers depression ..and is disabled her self.

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    From what my aunt said when she went they just ask what you think you could do she took the letter with her from her gp she'd sent in with her esa form so he could understand her problems a bit better listened to what she had to say told her not to worry about it and she's only had to go in once in 3months. Just explain how difficult it is for you if you felt you should have been in the support group you should have appealed, good luck with it just go in and show them what you are like etc take care

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