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Thread: Invitation to compliance officer interview, Why & will they allow me home interview?

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    I'm glad that they will arrange a home visit if one is needed. Sometimes they just want to cross-reference any bank accounts/savings that you may have or just some disabled-hating busy body neighbour has been mouthing off. Whatever their reasons, please remember that Customer Compliance Officers deal with MINOR cases. If it was serious, you would have been invited into a DWP office for an interview 'under caution'. And I agree with wobble1, don't read scary stories about this type of thing. You have spoken to them which is a good thing and there's no harm letting them reassure you again if you feel anxious about it. Try to relax.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mrs_W View Post
    I have just telephoned the number on the letter and the actual compliance officer that is supposed to be doing the interview answered. He actually sounded nice which calmed me slightly but that isnt always the case I suppose as I've known people sound or seem nice but then it turns out that they arent.

    Anyway straight away he said yes to a home interview although there was slight surprise in his voice but he had no problems with it. He then said give me your telephone number and he would call me back he needed to check my claim and appointments diary. He rang me back saying there had been a mistake and he had just looked at my file and said absolutely dont come down and ignore the letter. He said he would go through my file and if he still thinks he needs to visit me he will write again with a home appointment. So I dont know if I will have to have an interview or not but at the moment I'm to ignore the letter.

    Could it perhaps have gone to the wrong department seeing as I was expecting a renewal esa form anytime now? Its a year since they swapped me from ib to esa and they never told me how long but I have read that its usually not more than 1 year, I'm on DLA high rate for both componants too.
    there you are good result .... telephoning the dwp at times works well panic over ?

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    Thank goodness you got it sorted out. I find it amazing though how people who are supossed to be helping people, can make them ill!!

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    I had one of these a few years ago and it was one of my neighbours who reported me but as there was no evidence and I was followed around for a while , due to lack of any substance the case was closed.
    My neighbour applied for dla but was turned down and his attitude was if he couldn't have it why should I but he's tried a few times Nd even bragged about getting a new car but he never did.
    In the interview they had all my bank details how much was in and what benefits I got plus wife's wages , and like I said nothing to go on but they still need to investigate.

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    Perhaps their computer spat out your name as being the next random person to investigate/have a look at?
    Seems common sense has prevailed once the Compliance Officer actually had a look at the case...
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