Hi all, since i had my so called medical assessment carried out by the health care non professional at ATOS, i have been looking at various forums regarding what my possible outcomes could be once the mysterious Decision maker contained within the bowels of DWP has decided what group to put me in, so far i have been awaiting their decision for 5 weeks. I have come to the conclusion that if i am placed on JSA i will never work again, if i am placed in the WRAG i'll never work again, if i am placed in the SG i will never work again. In four weeks time i will reach the ripe old age of 64, so i've only got 56 weeks left before i retire, i am currently on IB and haven't worked for over 20 years now because of the osteoarthritis in my knees, hip and lower spine, not to mention a lump the size of a golf ball in my groin. No doubt the DM will decide that i am fit enough to work and able to do any job, any pain i suffer is not of any importance, so i will ask them to find me a job as a steeplejack!!! Start at 8.00am, finish at 8.30am because i can't climb the ladders, but hey i'm still considered fully fit. There are hundreds of thousands if not millions of younger people than me out there crying out to be employed, why try and find a job for someone who is quite frankly unemployable? The same goes for the WRAG group. I will appeal any decision to put me on JSA, that'll take a few months up!! It won't be the first time as i won my last appeal way back in 1995, i didn't have the arthritis then so my medical condition has gotten worse over the years. I was just wondering if there is any one else who like me was born a few weeks too late and has had to go through all this agro within a few months of retirement. If there is, can you offer any advice, help, or indeed your experiences in dealing with the DWP as i've never really had to. Thankyou in anticipation.