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Thread: When is the best time to get valuation from Motability?

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    You can (part) fund the purchase with a hire purchase agreement from Motability, so it continues to be paid for by your DLA, but you are still responsible for insurance and maintenance.

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    One last suggestion Glover......ring Motability and ask to speak with the "Continuity team" because Motability may make an exception and allow your daughter to keep the car at her house over 5 miles away if you decide to extend the lease.

    Good luck


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    Keith/Gel, thanks for the info and I will get in touch with Motability closer the time, June/July.

    Motability has worked really well for us, my Daughter and Son In Law take us everywhere and if we can stay in a Motability car then I'll be happier as I know they won't have any unaccepted large bills for tyres, service, repairs etc. Even if I buy them the car they'll worry about running costs as if it wasn't for us they would manage with one car.

    I understand the need for Motability to crack down on abuse, but in our case the very small amount of personnel use they have from the car is massively outweighed by the benefit it brings to us, surly that's point of the Motability.

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