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Thread: The Jade Garden 'All Inclusive' Disabled Persons Resort

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    Jay @ Jade Garden

    The Jade Garden 'All Inclusive' Disabled Persons Resort

    Hi everyone,

    Okay, this being my first post on your forum, I suppose introductions are in order. Well, my name is Jay and I’m the owner of the ‘Jade Garden’ all inclusive ‘disabled persons only resort’ in Thailand. We were previously a traditional resort, but decided to go ‘disabled persons only’ around a year ago after several of our disabled guests explained to us just how difficult a real disabled holiday is to find. And again after considerable research into the subject, we discovered that indeed most companies offering a disabled person’s holiday meant that you basically get a ramp and a toilet and everything else is down to you! Now not wishing to bore the pants off you with a long winded explanation about everything we do, I’d like just to invite you to view our website at: where you will see for yourselves just what we’re all about.

    But, just to give you a brief outline of what we’re up to, we actually closed our resort six months ago to have it completely refurbished and redesigned to suit all the individual needs of our disabled clients. We’ve now just reopened at the end of March, as I said, as a fully inclusive disabled person’s only retreat.

    So, what can you expect? Well with us, ‘all inclusive’ means ‘all inclusive’ and I’m sure you’ll find whilst browsing our website the level of commitment we’ve gone to, to ensure that all the headaches have been removed from the equation, leaving you to just kick back and enjoy the experience! In fact, everything from airport transfers, exciting group excursions, evenings out and food and non-alcoholic drinks at our resort are included in your package.

    Anyway guys, thanks a lot for reading my post and if you do find that you like us and all that we do, please spread the word, as at this point, being a brand new venture for us, we’d appreciate all the help and support you can give us!

    Kindest regards,

    Jay and the Jade Garden Team.

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    For those here that cannot afford to drink the water lol, i can hardly see them paying $400 dollars a night to stay on a fancy Hotel.
    We are having our money stopped or have you not noticed, we need every penny in order to even live from day to day, so if they can afford to shell out nearly $3000 for a weeks holiday, then you really are not in need of benefits.
    You really should not be trying along with the government to take what little is left, there are old people on here that have already been assigned to the Graveyard shift because they cannot afford to live in "Their world" any longer, yes "Their world".
    Heres a good idea, hows about offering a free weeks stay in your plush Hotel to them that cannot afford southend let alone Thailand.

    I will get into trouble for this, but thats what happens when you are a Humane-Being rather than a Human being.

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    I admit I can't afford a holiday like that but not everyone who is disabled is poor or living on out-of-work benefits.

    This is an open forum to help those with disabilities overcome them, whether that be helping with a benefit claim, looking for their next car (Motability or private) or help look for their perfect holiday.
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    Jay, thank you for posting this.

    The place does look fantastic. It does seem to open up this part of the world for many disabled travellers. , Who knows, maybe one day

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    This does sound very interesting and I am sure those people who can afford it will be tempted. I know if I had the money I would be one of your first guests, but seeing that it would take me 30+ years to save up enough I do not think I will be. OH well such is life.

    Still it is a good idea and I have posted your link on Facebook, Good Luck and I hope that you are a real success story.
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    There are many many here fighting for survival, to see such a thing posted and know it will NEVER be within reach to the majority of disabled, the poor, the Sick, the needy, the downtrodden, yes it is sad, if one is rich and disabled none of the welfare reform is going to effect you at all, if you are rich losing your Motability will not affect you, you will have to go buy a car, simple, those that are not rich can ill afford to just "Go buy a car", many cannot afford to even "Go buy a can of soup".

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    This is where we Differ, i feel strongly that you help those in need, those in need of Compassion, those in need of food, those in need with living from day to day, Then i see those that can very well help themselves, and in the end it is all about money, to little and you live in despair, each day wondering how you will make it through to the next, it is no Joke that every day i see people in that situation asking for help here on these forums.
    I would not mention this at all but i will, I know a young mother of two bless her, who diagnosed wrongly for years went into a coma and almost died, but thankfully she returned to her children, she can hardly walk she can hardly Talk, she got awarded a seven figure payment by NHS for being given the wrong treatment all her life, she deserved that money and so did her children.
    But and there is a but, a big but, what she does not need is the Range rover Vogue or whatever, either way it is the top newest model, i know what they had to put down in order to get this on "motability", they had to put down £28.000, now she does not drive, her Husband does, they are a young couple, but to receive help then surly you must need it, (They do not need it) and i am sorry, even though i know this couple it is wrong that they can have a car like this, they get Their DLA, they get there Carers, but they really do not need it, there are much more needy that have nothing at all, if they lose that car, it will not make a blind bit of difference to their lives, if they lose their DLA it will make not the slightest difference as to what they and their children eat, do people not get this at all.
    Care about those that need care, care about the rich when they fall below the poverty line, then they will be in need as those that have nought.
    Rant over.
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