Austerity in the UK has hit millions of people, many at the poor level and since the coalition came in they have ridiculed anyone one on welfare using any poor excuse to cut benefits and take benefits away from people who need it the most.

Recently I.D.S claimed that he could live on a mere 53 a week again taking a stab at those on welfare, ongoing Osborne is still grinding the axe for those at the bottom end of the scale.

Whilst all this has been going on above and even more it would seem that those at the top axing from millions are living a lavish lifestyle with Clegg in the newspapers flaunting a lavish skiing trip living it up in a 7 million pound lodge while boasting a 1300 snow suit.

And now it was recently found that while I.D.S was boasting he could live on a mere 53.00 a week, he is living scot free in a 2 million pound mansion with an extra 4 bedrooms and now again he is splashing out on a 'ha ha wall' 15,000

it would seem while the they keep on with savage cuts these people are living it totally up at our expense, are they now spending what dosh they can before they get kicked out.

'we have no money left in the pot' or so they claimed, yeah