Hello All.
Like so many, I hate being forced into the whole migration thing from IB to ESA. (Are we meant to be flying to warmer climates?)
On the face of it I should have no worries as I (should) qualify on several counts due to having multiple and severe impairments. I would defiantly call myself a "Super Crip".

Anyway, the thing is that its been a few weeks since I almost fell out the car and had to be rescued by 2 passers by.. I was wearing a sleeping bag as it was so cold and it was very tricky to transfer myself to my wheelchair.. All that to post my esa form.

So fed up am I, today I took matters into my own hands and I awarded myself support group ESA until I get a letter from DWP or ATOS telling me the outcome. I hope they see fit to agree with me!

I don't even know who writes to you: ATOS or DWP or both?

Do they say:

"Congratulations you are definitely disabled" or "Bad luck loser we no longer give ATOS"?
Lots of Love from everyone at DWP and your friends at ATOS xxx

I'm getting Letter Box fear syndrome every day and its getting worse. Should I open white or brown letters first? I can't decide....

How long should I wait before contacting them? Surely it's not too many weeks?