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Thread: ESA Self Award

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    Hi IVB
    I got that same letter from DLA last year. Despite being on indefinite DLA it said "we need to check that you are receiving the correct amount".
    I filled in the forms in great detail, added 3 pages of consultant details and 11 pages of additional information for each question, waited months and got a massive shock when they actually increased my DLA to High rate for both allowances. I didn't get a letter from my GP but I did go to see him because he obviously has no idea how I managed day to day so that he had full information when he got their letter.

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    Yeah, BB, i appealed, it's a process i've been through many times before, you kinda get used to it.
    I actually refused to take the phone call, they called me from an unknown number and asked me for personal details for security. My appeal is scheduled for the end of this month, it's been a long slog trying to live on £71 a week, made all the more difficult by my car breaking down and because it's a Citroen C5 i found it difficult to find someone who knew what they were doing with it. I suppose i should be grateful it's only taken 5 months for the appeal to come round.

    Trebor... is that a diagnosis ATOSH have made? If it weren't such a serious matter with dire consequences for you it would be funny. Outrageous how they can be allowed to get away with things like that. Did they actually examine you? Or did they come about this opinion through "careful questioning"?
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    Angry Wording by GP's....

    Quote Originally Posted by treborc View Post
    I've just been told that a review of the information from the ATOS doctor stated that my paraplegia was in fact a bad back, he put down back pain cause by slipped disc, the disc is not slipped it's been removed taken out gone , so have another two.

    I have been asked to send in evidence, my GP has charged me £50, my consultant wants £1500, surely this should be up to ATOS and the DWP to get.

    This is a money making racket for the medical profession.

    My GP stated he has no bowel or bladder control he has chronic pain he has no sexual function he has Paraplegia .

    They phoned me up to ask why I did not tell the doctor this. I did I told him all of it he did not put it down, he put down patient is suffering from chronic back pain....something is wrong with ATOS and it's doctors it does look like a money making exercise to me.

    The review is paid for my the DWP to ATOS, if it then goes to the appeal ATOS gets paid to do the paper work, this cannot be right can it and now we are hearing ATOS is subcontracting out some of it's work.
    Treborc, was one of the first things your GP or Consultant wrote "I have been asked by my patient to write....." or "I am writing on behalf of my patient...." I ask because when read by the recipient I feel that they interpret this to mean that the GP/Consultant only wrote the letter/report because you asked/begged them to, and not because they thought that your case merited a letter/report therefore the recipient doesn't take any notice of what the GP/Consultant have you see what I'm getting at???? It really makes my blood boil......

    The other thing that GP's/Consultants tend to also write these days is things like "It appears that this man has ......" or "It seems that this lady has...." I've asked why they don't give a more specific, strong, precise diagnosis and they have all replied that "People don't like to be 'labelled' because of stigma!" In my experience, if you don't have a specific, strong, precise diagnosis, 'label' then you can't access the help and support that you need, from social services or from SenCo's at school etc...Grrrrrr!!!!

    Has anyone else here found the same problems???

    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue-badger View Post
    ... Wow they kept you waiting though! ...
    You think that was waiting?

    New ESA claim October 2011
    ESA50 received November 2012
    Additional info submitted January 2013
    Admitted into Support Group end February 2013 (no assessment)

    googlybear, I have total empathy with your situation, hang in there and you'll get there in the end. Best wishes for the Tribunal.

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    Hello Ray I Salute you!!!!


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