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Thread: Crime is on the rise again....

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    Exclamation Crime is on the rise again....

    I do not agree with any criminal activity but it's only going to get worse with all the cuts and job losses, when people have nothing left to lose, anything goes....where can you go for help these days, although as I said I do not agree with any criminal activity.....

    Expect the worst and hope for the best!!!

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    The thing is,this isnt just the needy more like the greedy people in society who are escalating this and letting this 'poor society'take the flak!Just lazy people robbing and scheming as an easy way of living instead of working for it.

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    Sadly I predict the anarchists and anti-establishment elements are going to capitalise on the mood of the nation and orchestrate trouble, even rioting

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    when the romanians and bulgarians pour in crime will go through the roof with the fight for drug control etc then our so called goverment will blame that on the disabled too.

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