i was recently on ESA support group as well as High rate DLA which i use the money to pay for my car, my problem is ive not lost my ESA as it was contribuation based and as my partner works and brings home £300 awk im not entitles to any money which have left us unable to keep up with bills etc and the worry and stress of it is making me more ill than i already am. I been to job centre and they just told me to do volenteer work to see how i go, but this dont pay the bills. I dont no where to start in looking for work as havent worked in over 15 years, can anyone give me any advice on what work i can do and keep my DLA? i could only manage a few hours a wk and no lifting and walking and standing for too long either. I really im at a losose end and feel like ive been kicked out and forced into work. Any advice and hep i would be grateful for...Thanks you