My wife is wheelchair bound and is using her motability allowance for a small(ish) car for her to drive herself. This means that I need to buy a big
family car which can transport wife, 2 kids, wheelchair, spares, mobility scooter and luggage. I have decided a Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck fits
the bill perfectly but there is no way the missus will be able to get in without being lifted.

To save my back I have researched ways to get her into and out of the truck and the best option seems to be the Turny HD powered lift seat or the
similar Discovery Lowering seat. However both come in at well over £4000 possibly more than £5000 as a custom fitting plate will need to be made.
I cannot afford this, and motability wont help with the cost as she is already going to have a mobility car.

I am hoping to find one of these powered seats 2nd hand, as this should mean it is within my price range (I hope) and I can fit it myself.
Does anybody know of a 2nd hand Turny or Discovery seat for sale please? Or another method to get her in and out with a least some dignity.

If I cant find one then the plan is totally out of the window and I will be forced to have a very boring people carrier... : (