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Thread: Advice on which stand alone Telecare equipment to buy

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    Advice on which stand alone Telecare equipment to buy


    I'm trying to find out more information on which Care phone to purchase for my elderly parents.

    So far looking into to it the one off payment for the care phone and pendants seem the better option rather than getting into a contract and involving a call centre.

    What I am looking for is not only being able to have the pendant/watch style panic buttons which needs to be pressed to activate the landline to call in sequence pre programmed numbers. Also so if pull cord alarms for each room could be linked to this type of system as an add on.

    If anybody has had any experience, advice or could recommend makes/models to look into that would be great!

    Thank you.

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    Hi tac

    Most of these are activated by triggers worn on the person. Some people find that it is a little undignified to wear a pendant cord around the neck but some companies offer alternatives such as a wristband. I would talk to the suppliers of autodiallers on the report below to find out more about the options.

    DLF Team

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