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Thread: How Many???

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    Lightbulb How Many???

    To, Everyone,

    That means YOU!!!

    Enough is enough time to call a general election......Should we ask opposition MP's to call for a motion of no confidence?

    Please pop along and cast your vote at:

    Many Thanx


    This is not a petition..............(((yet!)))

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    And then what?... Miliband who as we know believes that if your disabled and he has just looked at you and you seem fit you can do something.

    The fact is if your disabled or sick none of the political parties means anything.

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    treborc is correct, if Tories care nothing about what way your voting would go at general election then why would any other party, i have said it once and said it on many occasion, there is no Democracy in this country, your vote stands for nothing, if it did the Tories would be doing all they could for what has become the downtrodden of Britain, even if it was just to get another term.
    They care nothing for you at all, you have become the "murdered little black babies of the world " A burden" on resources of the elite, "how dare he say such things" i say them because they are true, if you cannot turn to your leaders, your overseers, your owners, your protectors, then who are you going to turn to for compassion and kindness, there is nobody, all you can do is to make it as hard for them as you can, not a pushover.
    Do any Disabled believe in the government as saviors, well yes, but they do not have to rely on benefits to live out the rest of their lives, for they are the rich who will always survive because they DO have the government to watch over them.

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