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Thread: cars for off-road mobility scooter

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    cars for off-road mobility scooter

    Greetings. Anyone have any suggestions for best vehicle to transport off-road type mobilty scooter eg TGA Supersport. Looking for a solution that can be one person operated. Me, I have MS, need to find a vehicle I can load/drive a scooter on to, get off and out to driver's seat, and reverse process at destination. Not in wheelchair, but need to travel inependently with scooter. Thanks for any ideas.

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    Here is aguide from Ricability on how to get wheelchairs & scooters into standard cars it will tell you about different hoists etc.

    Though I think you'll be better off in a WAV, which unfortunately are expensive, here's another guide to them

    Here is a list of conversion specialists who will be able to advise on the different WAVs available, and will also have 2nd hand cheaper vehicles for sale

    You could also check to see if you are close to a Mobility Centre where they can assess your needs and point you in the right direction

    and finally compare the costs of the 2nd hand vehicles to the Motability WAVs. Depending on your milage you may be better leasing through Motability.
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    what about using a scooter lift? it fits on the back of your car, there is one for sale on ebay to show you what I mean
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