Ian Carter, Etac UK Managing Director remembers a visitor complaint about fried eggs!

“Etac UK and its world leading Scandinavian-built powerchairs have supported the Mobility Roadshow for over 15 years. The Mobility Roadshow always gives us the invaluable opportunity to meet so many new and existing Etac powerchair customers face-to-face, all in one accessible location. We have experienced so many successful events its very difficult to pick a special year, however there is one touching and amusing conversation with a visitor that I will never forget.

The mother of a young powerchair owner came onto our stand with her son to discuss an apparent problem. ‘I’ve got a bone to pick with you Mr Carter!’ she said. She continued, ‘Since my son has had his Etac powerchair, I seem to have done nothing else but fry eggs!’

Obviously this left me somewhat lost for words and more than a little confused. She explained that before owning his Etac powerchair with its seat lift option, her son had never been able to see onto a kitchen worktop or cooker. He always liked fried eggs but could never understand how they changed from raw to a cooked state. His mother had shown him an uncooked egg but he had never seen it transform, hence when asked what he would like for tea, he would always say a fried egg.

With his new powerchair now lifting his eye-line much higher, he was able to see an egg being cooked for the first time, which he found absolutely fascinating and kept asking for one to be fried over and over again! In the end, we were able to agree on a suitable solution – stop asking him what he wants for tea!

This tale may seem to be merely humorous, but was clearly indicative of a much more wider improvement to a young individual’s quality of life, thanks to an Etac powerchair first discovered at the Roadshow. We would like to thank the Mobility Roadshow organisers, Mobility Choice, for their continued efforts in delivering such a fantastic consumer show and wish them well for the 30th anniversary celebrations this year.”