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Whom would that hurt the government, it would hurt those people who have worked hard to get into the games.

What these people now have to work towards is getting the same payments as non disabled.

Disabled athlete will get £6,000 a year to pay for his expenses, Non disabled athlete will get £130,000 .

The battle is now to be treated the same.

But sadly the PIP's rules are in you can manually move your own chair 20 mtrs then you shall be deemed mobile.

We wanted to be treated the same with equality now we have it
If the disabled athletes threaten to walk out of the commonwealth games due to benefit cuts, the government may then offer them more than £6,000 a year to cover their expenses, thus buying them off.....However, one day they will get older and will eventually be unable to compete, and what then, there will be nothing for them......What will they be saying then???? Lessons have been learnt; we are being persecuted??? But they'll be learnt by the normal non-athletic disabled first, we are already being persecuted by our government and the disabled athletes are supporting them to do so by not taking action now!!!!!

If they do not take action by 2014 commonwealth games then it will be too little, too late!!!!!!

What do you think???